Recordings from Educational Seminars

Seven Miles After Sundown

Suftcasting for Striped Bass along the world-famous Cape Cod Canal.

By East End Eddie Doherty

The presentation link can be found HERE.

Vineyard Wind 1

Vineyard Wind 1, a project that will provide power to 400,000 Massachusetts’ homes, spoke with the OAC on May 12th.

Crista Bank is the Fisheries Manager, overseeing their efforts on improving relations with the fishing industry and surrounding communities. This includes directing outreach engagement, developing fisheries research programs, and identifying potential workforce opportunities for fishing industry involvement. She has spent the last four years laying the groundwork for these strategies as a Fisheries Liaison on the Vineyard Wind 1 project.

Dana Rebeiro, Vineyard Wind 1′s Massachusetts community liaison joined Crista. She has been involved with community outreach at the Covell’s beach project and provided additional information on the shore side part of this project.

Their presentation focused on the following:

  • general overview of the project; location, time frame, and project status
  • expected impact on recreational fishing (tower/pole) – acting as a FAD (Fish Aggregate Device)
  • status of the Covell Beach phase of the project and plans for the rest of the cable run

The presentation link can be found HERE.

Fishing the Northeast Canyons

On Saturday night member Scott Clay gave a full house a fantastic insight on what it takes to prepare for a trip and then to fish the NE canyons. From bait preparation, to the right kind of food to bring, as well as the safety gear needed, the list is long. It was a great night and thanks again to Scott for bringing his experience in fishing these canyons to all of us.

Scott’s presentation can be viewed HERE.

A great VIDEO (note, the sound is off by default – turn up your speakers!)

Follow and message Scott at miss_wilder_sportfishing on Instagram.

Greg Skomal, Status update on Cape Cod Great White Sharks

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Skomal received a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree from URI, as well as his PhD from Boston University. He has been working for the Massachusetts Division of Marine Fisheries for more than 31 years. In recent years, Cape Cod has provided Skomal and his team with a unique opportunity to research and study great whites more than ever before.

Fly Tying with Anthony Cole

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Anthony Cole is the Executive Chef at the Chatham Bars Inn and he also happens to be a great fly tier and specifically tying flies to match the large bait in our area such as herring and pogies. Anthony utilizes these flies in the Monomoy area up to and around the large schools of pogies off Nauset, often catching large striped bass with his offerings.

Chris Kokorda – Fly Tying

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Chris conducted his second fly tying demonstration last Saturday morning. A group of six attended in person with another 12+ joining online, plus another 20 via Instagram Live. This presentation was recorded and will be posted on the cub’s website under “Resources” or you can see it again by clicking on the button above.

Capt. Dave Peros – Light Tackle Fishing

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Another great educational/fishing event was held last Thursday night, hosted by Capt. Dave Peros. We had a dozen members attending in person plus another 15 online. Dave’s presentation was extremely comprehensive covering many topics from his chartering experience over the years; ranging from how to avoid the common casting mistakes, mono vs. braid, reducing / replacing the number of treble hooks, how best to release fish and many, many more.

OAC Club members “Roundtable” – Travel Fishing Destinations

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Hear from three of our members that have taken off Cape fishing trips. They each discuss the details of their respective travel destinations.

Presenters Include:

  • Bob Lewis – Fishing in Montauk
  • Dave Ryan – Fishing in Belize
  • Steve Paglierani – Fishing in Alaska

Some topics covered:

  • What is the best way to get there.
  • What time of year is best.
  • What are the target species.
  • Where do you stay.
  • What options are there of hiring a guide/charter.
  • What’s a typical day on the water like.
  • What to bring; clothes, fishing gear