OAC E-News – November 10, 2015

Nov 10, 2015

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E-News for November 10, 2015

Awards Night
This past Saturday we had a full club and enjoyed some steak tips and seafood casserole from Wimpy’s Café at our 2015 awards dinner.  Thanks to Kelly Bolton for organizing the event and her dedication to providing some great meals all season as our Activities Chair.  OAC President Mary Miller thanked all of the members that have helped with our tournaments this year and mentioned some highlights from the busy and successful fishing season.  Bob Lewis presented the derby and annual awards,  starting with the Sellars award won by Charlie Richmond and the Master Angler of the Year which went to Dave Ryan.  Charlie Richmond next gave a presentation of our “first fish” awards and the lifetime achievement award.  Sam Jaxtimer also had a new leaderboard record, with a nice 210.5 lb thresher he caught during the Nantucket Anglers Club shark tournament this summer.  Thanks to Andy Little for donating 2 nice St. Croix rods with Shimano reels.  All anglers with first place fish in each of the 9 derby species were entered in a drawing and Dave Ryan and Tyler Walantis each walked away with a nice new rod & reel.
Chatham and Shay Bridge, Michael O’Shaughnessy and Tyler Walantis show off their awards from the 2015 Derby.  Mikey O won the youth division of the derby with a clean sweep of striped bass, as well as a new leaderboard record bonito (7.5 lbs), a 100 lb mako shark and a nice sea bass.
Here are the complete results of our annual awards and 2015 derby:

Lifetime Achievement Award:  Bob Lewis
This award is given in recognition of dedication to sport fishing and for generous contributions to the Osterville Anglers Club.

Sellars Award:  Charlie Richmond “Seacure”
Presented yearly to the captain, an active OAC member, who accumulates the most points in OAC recognized fishing tournaments.


Master Angler of the Year:  Dave Ryan
A perpetual award donated by Mr. John Heyer and selected by a committee of four plus the current Club President and Tournament Committee Chairperson and awarded on the following criteria:
“Someone who fishes for a variety of species, both inshore and offshore, male or female, with the added plus of being active in fisheries conservation and Osterville Anglers’ Club activities.

Captain Bill Cotter Award:  Ken Cirillo
An annual award donated by Larry Coggeshall and Barbara Whitely in memory of long-time OAC member Bill Cotter. The award is presented to the captain, an active OAC member, who lands the largest striped bass in the OAC One Day Bass Tournament.

Edison C. Marney Award:  David McGraw
Created in memory of Ed Marney, a long-time active OAC member, and presented to the OAC member that lands the heaviest bluefish in an OAC sponsored tournament during a calendar year.

C-MAP Award:  Mary Miller
Donated by C-MAP USA and presented to the OAC member who lands the heaviest striped bass in an OAC sponsored tournament during a calendar year.
Larry Coggeshall Award:  Mary Miller
 A perpetual award created to honor the contributions of Larry Coggeshall. The award is presented annually to the Osterville Anglers’ Club “Lady Angler” who records the largest combined weight of one Striped Bass and one Bluefish in an OAC sponsored tournament or a tournament with active OAC participation.
Carl S. Riedell Award:  Charlie Richmond
Awarded to the OAC male angler landing the heaviest combined weight of 1 striped bass and 1 bluefish during a tournament season.
Cathy A. Fraser Award:  Nicholas Swaylik
 Created in memory of Cathy Fraser and presented to the OAC junior member(s) who lands the heaviest bluefish and heaviest striped bass in an OAC sponsored tournament during a calendar year.
OAC Derby

Dave Ryan
Richard Trifone
Michael Singer

Michael O’Shaughnessy
Tyler Walantis
Chatham Bridge

First Fish Award:  Chatham Bridge, Shay Bridge, Frieda Bilezikian, Beatrice Bilezikian, Tyler Walantis
Award donated by the Paul Looney Family and presented to youth members, age 8 and under, who land their first fish in an OAC sanctioned event, ie, Striper Night, OAC Derby or any OAC tournament with a youth division. 

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