OAC E-News – April 11, 2016

Apr 11, 2016

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E-News for April 12, 2016


From Bob Lewis:

Last week there was a post by a Montauk fishing guide and he mentioned there is a possibility false albacore and bonito could be much more exposed to commercial fishing (think fertilizer and fish oil, etc).

Here is a little background:

But be advised that this was merely a Committee vote. Removing false albacore, frigate and bullet mackerel, and Atlantic bonito from the Council’s list of Unmanaged Forage still has to be approved by the full Council. And the Council will be considering this question next Tuesday in Montauk, from 1 to 4 pm at the Montauk Yacht club. New York, Connecticut and Rhode Island Anglers should attend, and let the Council know your concerns. If you can’t make it, a short letter or email explaining your experience with false albacore, why it’s important and why it should be protected in this amendment as an unmanaged forage species will likely help. You can find contact information here.

There is a meeting in Montauk tomorrow and I would appreciate if you can individually reach out to Ms. Beaty ([email protected]) and help her better understand the importance of this fishery to recreational anglers. (below is my email to Ms. Beaty)

Dear Ms. Beaty,

It has recently come to my attention that various species including false albacore, Atlantic bonito, frigate and bullet mackerel could be dramatically exposed to large scale commercial harvest. I strongly urge your committee members to better understand the economic impact these species provide to many economies on the east coast. These species provide perhaps the best fly fishing and light tackle fishery. Thousands of anglers travel to destinations and spend money on hotels, restaurants, fishing guides, tackle shops, tourist attractions, etc. while in pursuit of these fish. I have traveled to Montauk, where your meeting will be held next week, at least 10-12 times in the past 6 years, solely for the opportunity to catch false albacore on the fly rod. I have traveled with my family, stayed in the local hotels, gone out to eat at the local restaurants, while my wife and daughters have shopped in the local stores. If the fish are no longer there, anglers and their families will no longer make those trips.

If you allow these species to be exposed to large scale commercial harvest, there will be severe economic impact to many towns from the Northeast all down the coast to Florida.

Bob Lewis



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