Nantucket Shootout Recap

Oct 11, 2011

Nantucket Wins Shootout by 2.1 lbs!

OAC weighed bigger bass but fell short on the bluefish.  A field of 21 teams competed on Saturday, October 1st in the OAC/Nantucket Shootout.  In the end the top three teams from each club added their heaviest bass and blue.  The total came to 99.5 lbs for Nantucket and 97.40 lbs for OAC.  Member Mary Miller weighed in the biggest bass at 27.20 lbs.  Member Rob Miller had a 21 lb bass and Kitty Kania had a 20 lb bass.  Captain Steve Bunnell on Knot a Problem brought in the biggest bluefish at 10.9 lbs and David McGraw had a 10.60 lb blue.  Thank you to member EJ Jaxtimer for organizing the event.