2011 Osterville Anglers Club Awards Night

Nov 17, 2011


This past Saturday we had our annual awards night and fundraiser. Member
Weldon Fizell from the Regatta Restaurant prepared an awesome dinner.
Members Gail LaPrade, Kathy Low and Pam Bordman worked hard all night
on the fundraising efforts. Diane Richardson, Missy McGraw, Cindi Reid, Elise
Hills, Carol Torby and Maureen MacNeil also worked hard gathering silent
auction items and preparing for the event. We achieved our goal of raising 5k
and member Dave Reid walked away with $1,500 from the 50/50 raffle ( well, not
walked away, but perhaps a check is in the mail!) We would also like to thank
member Glenn Wattley for donating a trip to MV, George Noonan for building and
donating a custom bonito spinning rod and Bruce Cunningham for donating a
boat survey.In 2011 we scheduled 8 Sellars tournaments and thanks to amazing weather
and member participation we were able to have all 8. We appreciate all of the
hard work by our Tournament Chair Bruce Cunningham. It is a lot of work to run
these events. Bruce has also been a great supporter of our club as a corporate
sponsor and a great auction bidder!! Rumor is that he currently owns thousands
of custom rods purchased at OAC events over the years. Our annual awards
night is a chance to honor the anglers that had great catches through out the
season. Due to an absolutely packed club with all that was going on, many
members reported it was difficult to hear all of the awards. In addition, not all
members were present. Therefore, please find a complete description of each
award and the recipient.

Charlie Richmond was presented with the Lifetime Achievement Award. He has
been a member since 1989 and has served as the club as President, Treasurer,
Tournament Chair and every other chair that runs the club! Like many of us, he
works and has a family and all the responsibilities that go with that. However, he
has always found the time and spent countless hours to make the club a special
place. Twenty plus years after joining he is back on the Board of Directors
and helping to run the club. This year he served as Membership Chair and
personally interviewed each new member and told them the history of the club
and explained the awards and provided info about the OAC. We appreciate
Charlie’s dedication to the club.

The award recipients are as follows:

Lifetime Achievement Award: Charlie Richmond

In recognition of his dedication to sport fishing and for his generous contributions
to the Osterville Anglers Club.

Sellars Award: Scott Swaylik on First Nichol

Presented yearly to the captain, an active OAC member, who accumulates the
most points in OAC recognized fishing tournaments; i.e., those hosted or co-
hosted by OAC and/or considered as “fishable” by a majority of members.

Master Angler of the Year: Bob Lewis

A perpetual award donated by Mr. John Heyer and selected by a committee of
four plus the current Club President and Tournament Committee Chairperson
and awarded on the following criteria:

“Someone who fishes for a variety of species, both inshore and offshore, male
or female, with the added plus of being active in fisheries conservation and
Osterville Anglers’ Club activities.

Captain Bill Cotter Award: Henry O’Shaughnessy

An annual award donated by Larry Coggeshall and Barbara Whitely in memory
of long-time OAC member Bill Cotter. The award is presented to the captain, an
active OAC member, who lands the largest striped bass in the OAC One Day
Bass Tournament..

C-Map Award: Mary Miller 27.20 lbs

Donated by C-MAP USA and presented to the OAC member who lands the
heaviest striped bass in an OAC sponsored tournament during a calendar year.

Larry Coggeshall Award: Jess Dwyer 34.40 lbs

A perpetual award created to honor the contributions of Larry Coggeshall. The
award is presented annually to the Osterville Anglers’ Club “Lady Angler” who
records the largest combined weight of one Striped Bass and one Bluefish in an
OAC sponsored tournament or a tournament with active OAC participation.

Carl S Reidell Award: Mike Dwyer 25.80 lbs

Awarded to the OAC angler landing the heaviest combined weight of 1 striped
bass and 1 bluefish during a tournament season.

Cath A Fraser Award: Nicholas Swaylik- Striped Bass 19.35 lbs,
Rachel Dwyer- Bluefish 10.70 lbs

Created in memory of Cathy Fraser and presented to the OAC junior member(s)
who lands the heaviest bluefish and heaviest striped bass in an OAC sponsored
tournament during a calendar year.

EJ Jaxtimer Junior Angler Award: Rachel Dwyer- Female 21.60 lbs,
Nicholas Swaylik- Male 24.15 lbs

Awarded to the OAC youth anglers, male and female, landing the heaviest
combined weight of 1 striped bass and 1 bluefish during a tournament season.