Located on the shores of Crosby Basin, the Osterville Anglers’ Club is a family oriented club, committed to promoting and advancing the sport of recreational fishing. With an active and dedicated membership, the Club sponsors a number of fishing tournaments, social activities and education events throughout the year. What started in the late 1980s as the idea of a small group of local sportsmen – to form a fishing club where the entire family could be involved in angling and other related activities – has evolved into what is today a premiere fishing club on Cape Cod.

In addition to its angling activities, the Osterville Anglers’ Club is active year-round in the local community. A member of the Osterville Business & Professional Association and the IGFA, the OAC provides $2,000 in annual scholarships to graduating high school seniors and college students, supports community environmental groups such as Save Our Sound and Three Bays Preservation, hosts a Mass.

http://mccallsnurseries.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://mccallsnurseries.com/ 2021 Committee Chairmen & Members

Activities: Fran Clay and Ann Marie Tenaglia
Tournament: E.J. Jaxtimer
Restaurant: E.J. Jaxtimer
Facilities: E.J. Jaxtimer
Membership: Steve Bunnell
Corporate Sponsorship: Ken Cirillo
Education: Dave Ryan and JR Magee
Scholarship: E.J. Jaxtimer and Ken Cirillo
Youth: Matt Anton

dexterously buy Pregabalin india Officers – Halluin 2021 Board of Directors

President – Ken Cirillo

Vice President – Ann Marie Tenaglia

Treasurer – Bruce Cunningham

Secretary – Bruce Cunningham

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Matt Anton

Steve Bunnell

Fran Clay

Richard Egan

Ann Marie Tenaglia

Dave Ryan

JR Magee

Ken Cirillo

Bruce Cunningham

E.J. Jaxtimer

Jon Hagenstein

*Note: All Officers are also members of the Board.

Club Manager
William Ferretti

Club Office Hours
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 8:30AM – 3:00PM