Osterville Angler’s Club Clothing and Merchandise Catalog

Please email your order to the OAC at Don’t forget — the Honor System Clothing Table is located at the head of the Club, by the right front decks facing the waterfront. Sweatshirts, golf shirts, 20th Anniversary glasses (sets of 4), Adult & Youth hats and more are stocked and available. Simply ‘self-shop’ when you’re next by the Club, complete the Honor System Table Form (options for payment on form), and the club manager will handle the rest. For a complete list of clothing items, email the Club at

Happy Shopping at the OAC!

Download the OAC Clothing Catalog here!

Ordering Information:
- Once ordered, clothing items will take 2-3 weeks to be received and ready for pickup at OAC
- Clothing orders can be shipped to you for an additional $10 shipping/handling charge
- Men’s and Ladies’ jackets and vests available with boat name embroidery for an addition $5 charge
- XXL sizes are an additional $5 charge
- Please have your Visa or Mastercard ready when placing your order (with billing zip code and expiration date information)
- some merchandise available for purchase at the club

Men’s Clothing

Champion heavyweight hooded sweatshirt (heather) Mens – $45 Youth – $30


Adult logo hats (pigment dyed blue/green, white) – $18


Children’s logo hats (canvas with brims, many colors available) – $18


Fleece full zip jacket (navy, black, burgundy, butter, forest) – $60


Reversible techno lite zip vest (navy, green, black, cobalt, red) – $50


Short sleeve polo golf shirt (navy, black, burgundy, butter, forest) – $30


All-fleece vest with suede trim (black, navy, green, charcoal, birch; all with tan trim) – $60


1/4 zip pullover sweatshirt with collar (green, navy, maroon, black) – $45


Crewneck sweatshirt (variety of colors) – $40


Ladies’ Clothing

Ladies fleece full zip jacket (black, navy, crimson, celery, light blue, gray, pink) – $49


Ladies fleece vest with suede trim (black, navy, birch; all with tan trim) – $54


Ladies fleece vest (black navy, blue, tan, charcoal, red, violet, rose, celery) – $40



20th anniversary ‘On The Rocks’ glasses (set of 4; heavy base with nautical blue OAC logo & anniversary series imprint on front) – $25/set